Tschumi pavilion

As students from the Academy of Architecture, we got the opportunity to make an exposition in the famous Tschumi pavilion in Groningen. Together with Martin Groen, Anne Taeke Meijer and Tiemen Wittermans we made the exposition ‘Through the eyes of…’

Through the eyes of....

... the unobservant

The world goes by so fast. People are busy, there are a million other things to think about, and it’s easy to become completely blind to one’s surroundings. The unobservant will quickly pass through their environment without care. With this Tschumi pavilion exhibition we want to help normally unobservant people focus on their surroundings by helping them see things another way.

The pavilion exhibition consists of 3 different black boxes. When entering the first you will be blinded by the dark. Noises of the nearby surroundings will give you hints, teasing recognition. When your eyes adjust to the light you will start seeing an image of the outside projected inside the box.

This is a life-sized camera obscura. Providing a common view of life on the outside, but from a fresh angle.

Through the eyes of a child that is up-side down, or a bird that flies through the air. After the first box the journey continues to the next, and the next, giving you new surprising perspective.